Google “Maurice Lindley” and you will find many links to articles about Maurice and his unique training methods. Articles about Maurice have been included in the Pointing Dog Journal and well known bird dog authors Martha Greenlee and David Web have written articles with and / or about Maurice (see LINKS below). – Vic Williams

An Interview with Maurice Lindley
By Martha H. Greenlee
An Interview with Maurice Lindley
By Martha H. Greenlee

Maurice has his own style and method he uses which has been developed from his study and tutelage from other well known bird dog trainers who have literally “re-written the books” on bird dog training, including Dave Walker, Bill Gibbons, Cliff Sharer, and Bill West. Mo, as he is known by his friends and followers, is constantly working with his dogs and constantly re-writing, re-energizing, and re-inventing his own training method. Each dog that Mo trains is in his or her own training program. “When a dog is not doing right I know that I need to sit under the oak tree for a while to figure out what I need to do.”, says Maurice. When I mentioned that one method of getting a dog over being afraid of gunfire would take a bit of time, Maurice said, “Yes, and that is not a bad thing.”

Nearly every Saturday finds Maurice with a group of bird dog enthusiasts out behind the kennels doing some bird dog training; What is truly unique about Maurice’s approach is that he includes you in the training process, giving away every bit of his wisdom and extensive experience, in the hopes that you continue your dog’s training program.

Mo is one of the very few pros that believes that a dog’s training is a continuous process and that you, the owner and ultimately, the one who handles the dog the most, needs to have the training tools to maintain your dogs training. Almost every Saturday you will find Maurice with a group of bird dog owners out in the field behind the kennels in a very informal working session.

Maurice gives seminars at several venues, some becoming an annual event. These are attended by people who are new to bird dog training, others who have been to his seminars before, and even other professional trainers. Mo hosts a Yahoo group which he, other pros, and dog owners discuss training methods and techniques.

22 years ago Maurice lost his hearing to Meniere’s syndrome. In his world, and the dog’s world, this is not a problem. You may even come to believe that his bond and communication ability with the dogs is enhanced with his compensation of an extra-ordinary sense developed to replace audible sound. True or not, to watch Mo work a dog in a training session is an amazing experience.”

A final note. If you want to rush right out and send your dog for training with Maurice you may have to wait. Maurice only takes a certain number of dogs that he can give his full attention to.